I’ve mentioned worms and viruses here before, but this is the first time Trojans have earned a mention!

Yesterday I started seeing a weird error message on my computer saying something about kavo.exe not being able to run. This made me think, “Hmm, I’m not sure I want that to run. . .” Indeed, after searching for it I found out I did not!

I recently uninstalled AVG in a fit of optimism, so I reinstalled it and let it go and it found multiple instances of a Trojan designed to steal passwords to online games (which I don’t play, ho-hum), a worm, and a virus. I killed the others pretty well but the virus is being aggravating. Apparently my computer contracted it from a flash drive, and a side effect is it keeps me from opening any of my drives from My Computer. Currently I’m running Trend Micro’s HouseCall (which found another spyware seemingly related to mmorpgs) and hoping that will solve the problem, otherwise I’ll have to give manual registry editing a try.

I think I probably got all of these from my flash drive. Moral of the story: Don’t trust your flash drive. Flash drives are promiscuous, and you never know about other computers’ antivirus programs. I’m behind a hardware and a software firewall, don’t download stuff I’m not sure I can trust, and use web-based raw-text email, and I brought a virus in and plugged it right into my computer.

I apologize to AVG and Spybot S&D for uninstalling them, thinking I didn’t need resident antiviral protection and registry monitoring. I guess I was wrong!

Oops, looks like I’m off to do some manual deleting. Goodnight!