Like most new bloggers, I love collecting new links, and frequently check my Technorati authority rating. Unfortunately I find a significant number of the links I’m getting are from so-called “splogs”. These are spam blogs that link to various places in hopes of getting a trackback link which will increase the site’s page rank, or sometimes draw visitors to click on ads and generate revenue for the splogger. Splog entries are generated by bots that search for key words and link to blogs mentioning those. Understandably this complete lack of intelligent input leads to odd results.

On several posts mentioning animals I’ve gotten links from a supposedly pet-related splog. More amusingly, a diet splog assumed that when I said the phenotype of lizards had changed due to diet I meant they had taken diet pills. My recent post on the evolution of menopause in humans led to three links from a menopause-themed splog. I really doubt that most women looking for relief from menopause symptoms are going to be interested in hearing about how their Pleistocene grandmothers were more reproductively successful when they opted to raise grandchildren rather than compete directly with young immigrant women by bearing more children.

However, I don’t think I’ve ever had a page view coming from a splog. Splogs, like other forms of spam, generate large volumes of junk for a small return on this cheap investment.