ON FEBRUARY 8 my blog had its best day ever, as upwards of a dozen (!!) viewers flocked to my page on sexual and asexual reproduction. Interestingly, most of the traffic was from tag surfers tracking the tag “sex”. I have reached the obvious conclusion that to draw more traffic, I need to sex up my blog. So kick the kids out of the room and continue to the explicit!! photograph below the break.

Are the kids gone? Good. This is a photograph of two anoles caught in the act, with, shockingly, an underaged lepidopteran trying to get in on the action. Click on the photo for a full-page view (thanks to Ichneumon for the pic!)

Lizards Hot and Heavy

But let’s not stop with just lizards! Here you can find a video of the bizarre yet beautiful mating of the leopard slug, a common introduced species in the US. Then hop over to Pharyngula for the low-down on the dangerous practice of spider sex. And for the final wrap-up for this entry, I will refer the reader to an article that has achieved a certain level of notoriety since its publication six years ago. Most of you have probably taken your children to feed the ducks at a nearby pond or river. But did you know that male mallard ducks are universally sociopathic sexual predators? You can read about this particular shocking mallard victimization in “The first case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard Aves platyrhynchos (Aves:Anatidae)”.