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TODAY I WAS reading about protostomes and deuterostomes, and in the process stumbled across a mention of chaetognaths as deuterostome-like protostomes. Since I had no clue what a chaetognath is, I looked it up and found Wikipedia’s entry, which describes them as “predatory marine worms”. This prompted the question: What is a worm?

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IT’S TIME to christen the new blog, although since I can’t break a bottle of champagne across its bow I’m not sure how I’d manage that.

I decided to start this up and link to it from my Facebook page. Anyone visiting from Facebook–you know who I am. Those who just stumble across this blog–I guess you don’t.

I’m currently nearing completion of my Ph.D. in a concentration that is probably best described as bioorganic chemistry or perhaps chemical biology. In spite of getting a degree heavily slanted towards chemistry, I’ve developed more of an interest in biology in the past few years. I expect a lot of material here will be related to biology, but I should fit in a bunch of other stuff too.

So, time to get to work!